Jirka Helmich

Product Leader | Managed B2B2B2C portfolio - multi-geography multi-product with embedded fintech at Mews | Silicon Valley Product Group Enthusiast

About Me

With over 15 years of experience, I specialize in creating frictionless solutions for users & customers. As an advocate of the Silicon Valley Product Group methodologies, I've been instrumental in the growth of Mews, transforming it from a startup with 4 customers to a major player with 3500 businesses on its platform. My journey has been marked by innovation, a passion for excellent UX, and a deep-rooted software engineering background. I've also been involved in pushing the Semantic Web through Linked Data.


Skills & Expertise


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"Jirka has an uncanny ability to identify market needs and translate them into successful products. His leadership at Mews was instrumental in our growth."

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